Sastra Gives Back 2022, Providing Learning Assistance And Creating Memorable Experiences

After two years of not being able to hold a teaching program, Sastra Gives Back has returned in the form of an English teaching program for children. This English teaching program was held in Nologaten.

The English Letters Department students were excited about this year's Sastra Gives Back. More than 40 students applied during the recruitment process, proving the huge enthusiasm for this program. Sastra Gives Back received enthusiastic support not only from students but also from lecturers.

This year, Sastra Gives Back involved 16 volunteers, all of whom are English Letters students in batch 2019 to 2021. Every Saturday, the volunteers alternately conducted English courses in Gubug Budaya Nologaten.

"It was enjoyable for me. I can refresh my mind from my college activities at Sastra Gives Back because I met many children there. I also gained a lot of new experiences by participating in this year's Sastra Gives Back," said Elsa, one of the Sastra Gives Back 2022 volunteers.

"Through this program, I learned how to teach children of varying ages and personalities," she continued. The children participating in this program ranged from 4 to 11 years old. The volunteers used fun learning methods to ensure that the course went comfortably for all the children.

Sastra Gives Back aims to help children with difficulty learning basic English. After two years of attending online schools, most children in Nologaten had difficulty understanding English lessons.

"I believe this program is helpful for the children who are having difficulty learning English. Through this program, they can gain new knowledge and improve their English skills," Elsa explained.

The volunteers taught various basic English materials throughout the course. Sastra Gives Back is expected to be a beneficial program for the community by providing learning assistance to children struggling with learning English as a foreign language.