Internship Story: English Translator at Kalbe (Delphinia Rachel G. C)

Hello, my name is Delphinia Rachel Grania, known as Nessa.

Currently, I am doing an internship as an English translator at Kalbe. I took part in the internship through the Kampus Merdeka program.

In a nutshell, I'm interested in joining this internship because it aligns with my current major. I am challenged to improve and develop my skills in language translation. Besides that, Kalbe is also the perfect company for me to begin my professional career.

My internship includes several job desks, such as translating social media content, exploring various stakeholders' insights, creating inspiring stories in English, and ensuring that the style of language used is in accordance with the type of text, the purpose of the translation, and the target audience of the text. With the help of my mentor, I also completed a project called English for Business Class, which is held each month. I am also responsible for developing an engagement event strategy that aligns with Kalbe's 2022 work theme.

Besides translating, I do a lot off the pitch as well. I help my team create content for TikTok and Reels. I also participated in public speaking training with my mentor at the branch.

I enjoyed my time here as time passed by. As someone who easily gets nervous when speaking in front of many people and has trouble adapting to completely unfamiliar environments, I have this thought of feeling not capable enough to do the internship. However, in the end, I learn how to adjust to the new work environment by doing the internship on-site. I met many new friends and colleagues, and the most important thing is that I acquired tons of new skills.

The challenging part is that sometimes I have to work beyond my capacity, but that's okay for me because that is a part of growth.

My tip is, don't be afraid to take bold steps. Working in a corporate company is not always that scary. You will find the answer once you try.

Delphinia Rachel Grania C. (Sasing 2019)

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