Sastra Gives Back 2022: As Enjoyable As The Summer

This year's Sastra Gives Back theme was "Session of Summer," emphasizing that the English learning course will be as enjoyable as children's summer activities. This English teaching program was held every Saturday at Gubug Budaya Nologaten from May 14 to June 11, 2022.

The volunteers taught English to the children who attended the course following a training period. Every Sastra Gives Back course had 15 to 20 children in attendance.

The children were introduced to basic English lessons in Sastra Gives Back, such as self-introduction in English, greetings, body parts, public places, rooms of the house, and classroom objects. The volunteers provided some properties to help the children learn more comfortably, such as stationary properties to help them remember the object names.

During the sessions, the children were ecstatic. The enthusiasm was evident in how diligently they attended every course, how focused they listened to the volunteers' explanations, and how competitive they were during the quiz session.

When asked how Sastra Gives Back went that day, Brian, one of the children attending the course, replied, "It was fun!" He stated that by enrolling in the Sastra Gives Back course, he learned about many things, including self-introduction in English.

The parents of the children were also enthusiastic about Sastra Gives Back. When the course was nearly finished, the parents picked up their children.

"Thank you for teaching my kids," one of the parents said as the volunteers cleaned up after the course.

Based on this year's enthusiasm, it is expected that Sastra Gives Back will be able to provide more opportunities for children who require English learning assistance in addition to what they have learned in school. Sastra Gives Back is enjoyable for the children who attended the course and the volunteers who took part in it.

“Thank you for organizing this event, I’m so grateful that I can join this. All is good,” one of the volunteers said after all of the courses were completed successfully.