Internship Story: Copywriter at Blibli (Alma Anindita)

Hi, my name is Alma Anindita from English Letters, Class of 2019. I was a content writer and copywriter intern at Blibli. Prior to and during the internship, I was the editor-in-chief of Integrity Magazine, also known as the head of UKPS Integrity. During this time as well, I was an active awardee of Djarum Beasiswa Plus, which obliged me to participate in several of its activities. Apart from those, I also work as a freelance translator-proofreader and an English teacher! Before my internship at Blibli, I also prepared many things such as a portfolio, time management and prioritizing skills, as well as mental preparation for how busy I will be in the next months.

During my Internship at Blibli, my main tasks were copies and content for internal communication (part of HR), so this included announcements, events, or any information intended for Bliblioneers (Blibli’s employees). Mostly I did the execution part while my mentor came up with the initial concept, but in some cases, I was also responsible to pitch ideas for content. I also collaborated with other interns and teams on many things, especially for bigger projects.

I also did some research on my role to be more familiar with future tasks and expectations and also made strategies to manage my time between college and internship, so I learn how to multitask and delegate my tasks with super precision, otherwise, they all ended up in a tangle. I also mostly split everything into sections of the day: daytime for internship and nighttime for college and other work.

Here's the takeaway:
Some start-ups can be quite demanding in terms of workload, but please don’t let the fear prevent and keep you from playing the game! I don’t condone staying in toxic environments at all though. Absolutely not.

Alma Anindita (Sasing 2019)

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