Pandemic Effects on USD Campus

Mon, 07 Mar 2022

On Monday, 7 February 2022, Sanata Dharma University, including the English Language Education Study Programme or Program Studi Prndidikan Bahasa Inggris (Prodi PBI), started the new semester classes, implementing health protocols amid the Coronavirus Omicron outbreak. 

Hybrid learning was adopted, allowing students to choose offline or online classes. The pandemic has changed the course of our lives. A lot of people have been affected. Many can no longer go outside freely, some closed their business, and some others lost their jobs. Until now, there is no certainty when the campus will "become fully alive" again. In the meantime, why not try to enjoy all our activities and learn to adapt ourselves and live joyfully despite the current situation?

During the pandemic, a quiet entrance to Sanata Dharma University, Campus 1, Mrican

Library entrance ... quiet, too

One canteen keeper is ready for business and optimistic

The student hall ... waiting for PBI-ers and other students to come

"I'm waiting for you, motorbikes," seems to whisper the parking lot.

The motorbike parking area near the chapel ... almost empty as well

The Lorcin (Lorong Cinta or Aisle of Love), empty, without PBI students hanging around
or working on their assignments (Fri, 25 Feb 2022)

Text and pictures by PBI MMC-ers: Elisabeth Prasasti Setyabumi and Aurelia Oktavia Putri
Editor: BB