Student Activities

Student Clubs

1. EPRO (English Education Production)

EEPRO is one of the student activities in the English Language Education Study Program at Sanata Dharma University that is engaged in theatre projects/production. Besides acting, the members of EEPRO are involved in a wide range of creative activities such as being make-up artists, photographing, costume-designing, workshops and training to improve their skills and to make friends.

2. EFO (English Focus)

Their activities involve hunting for interesting objects or spots to photograph or videotape. Besides honing their skills, they also perform in real events such as the graduation night, voluntary teaching activities, and other campus events.

3. English Club

A student activity unit in the ELESP to improve students’ communicative competence in English is called the English Club. In the English Club, students are actively engaged in communicative activities, such as speaking practice, speech-writing, group discussions, and storytelling. Moreover, they collaborate with the English Extension Course to conduct a mini workshop on intriguing topics.

4. I-Diamond

I-Diamond is a place for students to share their thoughts, aspirations, and updated information through a decorated wall magazine display.

5. Dialogue Magazine

The Dialogue Magazine provides a learning experience for students to get involved in the world of journalism. They get first-hand experience in interviewing sources, reporting, editing, and publishing a bi-annual magazine and distributing the magazines to local schools in and outside the Yogyakarta region.

6. PBI Choir

PBI Choir is a student activity unit that engages the students in a musical ensemble of singers. They perform their singing talents not only in campus events, but they also perform in church and singing competitions.