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PBI-ers Share Cool Stories on Air
08 May 2018
PBI-ers Share Cool Stories on Air :: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris

Two PBI-ers or students of the English Language Education Study Program, Hedwig Tiara and Karola Ratu, both of batch 2015, had a chance to do a broadcast in RRI Pro-2 Yogyakarta on 9 April 2018. They were in a program called SKS (Siaran Anak Kampus dan Sekolah) where high school or undergraduate students can broadcast themselves. Through the program, which lasted from 4 pm till 5 pm, Hedwig and Karola talked about their experiences in doing their teaching practicum (Program Pengalaman Lapangan -- PPL) overseas.
    They shared what they did during their stay in Myanmar and Thailand. Hedwig, who did her teaching practicum in Taunggyi, Myanmar, explained about St. Aloysius Gonzaga (SAG) English Language Institute, the school she visited. She said that it was more like a learning center for those who want to master English skills. She also talked about the condition of the students there who had to attend three schools in a day for five days in a week.

Hedwig (right most) and Karola (next to Hedwig) are at RRI Pro-2

     Karola, who did her teaching practicum in Chiang Rai, Thailand, shared her experience in teaching the Summer Course in Xavier Learning Community (XLC). She said that she was supposed to teach in a local elementary school, but the students already got days off during her visit. Fortunately, XLC decided to open the Summer Course. This course was for those students who were in holiday but still wanted to keep learning English.
      Both of them taught elementary school students and they agreed that it was challenging to teach them, especially since they came from a place where they did not get enough exposure to English. Even though it was quite challenging for them, it was also really hard for them to leave the place after staying for about two weeks overseas, in Thailand for Karola and in Myanmar for Hedwig.
     For an hour, Hedwig and Karola shared their cool stories with listeners and they hoped the listeners had enjoyed listening to their RRI Pro-2 session – about unforgettable and enriching experiences in Myanmar and Thailand. Happy on RRI air!
Written by Karola Ratu Hening
Edited by BB
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