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#U_SWAG, United Students Wisdom of the Ground
06 May 2015
#U_SWAG, United Students Wisdom of the Ground :: Sastra Inggris

#U_SWAG stands for United Student’s Wisdom of the Ground. #U_SWAG 2015 is Sanata Dharma’s first attempt to send four delegates (three students and a lecturer) to join this program. The students selected were Uli Sihombing (PBI), Tessa Murena Paramita (PBI), and Pramesthi Dewi Kusumaningrum (SING), under the guidance of a lecturer, Florentinus Dika Octa Riswanto. Sanata Dharma’s student delegates were divided into two: regular and scholarship-based. Regular base means that the students should pay the ticket fee by their own money plus their own pocket money, whereas scholarship base means that the student pays nothing, except for his/her own pocket money. The scholarship- based requires the student to have at least once 4,00 GPA in any semester. There was only a seat available for this program, and the ‘blessed’ student appointed was Pramesthi Dewi Kusumaningrum.


The first day of #U_SWAG 2015 was a workshop day. It was opened by interfaith prayer led by the participants from different religions, continued by singing Philippine National Anthem. It was then followed by welcoming speech by Dr. Betsy Joy Tan, SU VPAA and Dr. Malou Q. Baybay, AUDRN Director. Once #U_SWAG 2015 was officially opened, the whole first day was full of workshops under the main theme, local knowledge. The first day was closed by cultural night in which each university delegate performed something to represent their university. The three students of Sanata Dharma University performed a traditional dance which was a combination of some different traditional dances in Indonesia, in accompany of a song Senyum Indonesia. The performance received a warm response from all the participants.



The second day of #U_SWAG 2015 was a field work. There were 5 field sites available for the participants. Each only got an opportunity to visit a site. The first field work was poetry reading at the Rose Lamb Sobrepeña Writers Village. The second field work was cooking “Sinakol” at the Marina Mission Clinic. The third field work was discovering practical uses and medicinal value of native plants at Liptong Woodland. The fourth field work was learning traditional fishing and marine conservation methods at the Siliman Marine Lab. The fifth, and also the last field work, was discovering the City of Gentle People of Dumaguete. The field work was held more or less until lunch. After that, the participants were invited to discuss the material with the group to be presented the next day. Day two was closed by having boodle fight dinner, a unique dinner done by Philippinos. 



The last day of #U_SWAG 2015 was closed by recap of days 1 and 2, and also the presentation of field work output by each group. Actually, there were several activities later, such as a space for reflection, way forward, certificate award, and group photo, but Sanata Dharma delegates could not join #U_SWAG 2015 until it was officially closed because they had to go back to Indonesia at 3:20 pm.(pdk)

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