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Up Close and Personal: Felisita Angelique Novena
19 May 2020
Up Close and Personal: Felisita Angelique Novena :: Sastra Inggris

Felisita Angelique Novena is a Sasing student Class of 2019. But no mistake, although new, she never hesitated to get the jobs assigned to her done, most of the time beyond expectation. Only two months of being a freshman, she was selected as the election coordinator (KDPPS), a strategic position to make sure the HMPS election go seamlessly. And she did it! Raised in a military-background family, Vena (that’s how her friends call her) was able to do things efficiently. A target-oriented kind of girl we often consider too strict. Is she really? Excerpt:

Q: When and where were you born?

V: I was born on 23th November 2001 in Bandung.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

V: I’m the first child and I have one little brother. Actually, I love practical study such as research in biology, also I interest in ‘how biological thing happens in our life’. My hobby is swimming and I really enjoy on writting with poems. Maybe, people know me as a spooky person at the first sight, but I’m just an ordinary girl.

Q: Why did you attend Sasing USD?

V: One reason, I had no idea what I should do in the last chance of choosing university. My father also told me that USD has a good accreditation in faculty of letters. Finally, I attended to be a part of Sasing USD.

Q: What’s life according to you?

V: Based on my opinion, life is a chance. If you can live your life with many experiences, it means that you are a surviver of your own life. A chance doesn’t come twice, your decision will establish your future life.

Q: Your opinion about Covid-19 pandemic?

V: Covid-19 pandemic is a serious disease. Even though it is similiar to bronkopneumonia or pneumonia, still it is different and more dangerous at the same time. The most interesting for me is ‘how can this pandemic grow so fast to influence our society?’ As we know that most of industrial sectors are halted and put our economic system in disarray. Also, our education system goes under. In my opinion, we should comply with the goverment’s ruling on this crisis.  Do the physical distancing and don’t forget to wash your hand after touching something.

Q: What do you think about how USD handled the corona crisis?

V: I’m pretty sure that USD has handled the corona crisis nicely. It cuts a certain amount of tuition fee for the following semester. It was more than enough for me.

Q: Do you like politics?

V: Yes, I like politics in terms of ‘how can politics work in our society and build our knowledge’. You know, you are a part of politics in your own life.

Q: Can you tell me about your past?

V: My first impression to this question is laughing because I don’t know how to tell about my past from the beginning. My past is so complicated. I'm sorry, I can’t tell you about my past in this platform, but there are two quotes which can express my past.

 “You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won’t matter how many times you say “I’m sorry”, the wound is still there.” – unknown

 “You are not supposed to look back, you are supposed to keep going.” – The Lovely Bones 



Q: What can you live without?

V: I can live without the people who never respect to me.

Q: Your favorite pastime? Favorite colour?

V: My favorite pastime is watching drama. My favorite colour is blue.

Q: Your wildest dream?

V: To be honest, I don’t have any wildest dream, but if you are asking me about my dream, the answer is being a staff in embassy.

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