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The 7th Literary Studies Conference: A Brief Look
29 November 2019
The 7th Literary Studies Conference: A Brief Look :: Sastra Inggris

Literary Studies Conference discusses the theme about environment. The specific theme is Rethinking Environmental Issues through Literature, Language, Culture, and Education. This conference was held for two days, started from October, 9th to 10th at Koendjono Room,  Center Building of Sanata Dharma University. This event was opened with greetings from Th. Enny Anggraini, Ph.D as Representative of the Comitee. After that, Dr. Tatang Iskarna as Dean of Faculty of Literature continued the greetings. Literary Studies Conference has established since 2013. This year is the seven times of this conference held. This event is held by English Letters Department and English Study of Postgraduate of Sanata Dharma in collaboration with Ateneo de Manilla University, Philippines.

The purpose of this event is to provide a platform to share awareness, challenges, and recommend innovation with various perspective from diversed discipline, such as ecohumanism and ecocritic. This conference also aims to be reflect the result of literature work analysis with various approach to daily life.

The first day of conference was started by three speakers. The first one is Dr. Chitra Sankaran from National University of Singapore. She brings the topic entitled Feminized Rivers, History and Myth in South and Southeast Asian Women's Fiction. The following speaker is Novita Dewi, M.S., M.A (Hons), Ph.D from University of Sanatha Dharma Yogyakarta. She brings the presentation entitled Celebration of Life, Nature, ans Literature: Ecohumanism in Language and Literature teaching. The third one is Elga Adriana, Ph.D. She is the principal of Sekolah TUMBUH, Yogyakarta. The next day still runs the same agenda. However, the participants--scholars, authors, lecturers, and students--are more diversed. There are 67 parallel paper from various countries and over the country.

There found an interesting quote from Dra. Novita Dewi, M.S., M.A (Hons), Ph.D. "If you love God, you can love human. If you love human, you can love nature." (Gabriela Nababan)


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