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English Debating Society Takes All in Medsco 2016
20 April 2016
English Debating Society Takes All in Medsco 2016 :: Sastra Inggris

Sanata Dharma University sent three teams which consisted of three debaters in each team ; Tyas Wahyukirana (2012), Intan Realista (2014), Christopher Tjia (2012) as SADHAR A; Tiara Ika Putri (2014), Salwa Novira (2014), Gracia Prasetyanti Utami (2015) as SADHAR B; Ratih Cahyani Primaresti (2015), Wensislaus Noval Rumangun (2012), Windda Ayudita (2014) as SADHAR C. Throughout the competition, the delegates must undergo 3 preliminary rounds and secure at least 2 victory points in order to be eligible to the elimination rounds. Finally, in the breaking announcement, Sanata Dharma achieved top two breaking teams in which SADHAR A as 1st breaking team and SADHAR B as 2nd breaking team with a “clean sweep” after winning all of the preliminary rounds and securing 3 victory points. Unfortunately, SADHAR C couldn’t proceed to the elimination rounds because they only collected 1 victory point, thus they were not eligible as the Top 8 Breaking Teams. However, they had put so much effort by having 1 victory points.

SADHAR A and B continued their battle in the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds. They met strong teams from STIPRAM, UNISULA, and SMA N 8 Yogyakarta. SADHAR A and B beat their opponents until they met each other in Grandfinal round. It was a tough round under the motion “THW obliges doctors to give quota based probono services to society.” Four from five adjudicators agreed to give winning to the SADHAR A and SADHAR B as the runner up.  Christopher Tjia and Tyas Wahyukirana became the co-best speakers of MEDSCO 2016. Those achievements proved that Sanata Dharma is a strong team in Jogja that couldn’t be underestimated.

Intan Realista stated that the competitions in regional level were a warming up competition for the members to be ready in national and international level. In order to have better achievement in national and international level, the regional competitions are needed to advance the skill and make them accustomed to the competitive atmosphere of debating competitions. Christopher Tjia added that regional competition could be a right momentum the “newbies” to get more exposure on debating competitions that can accelerate their critical thinking and public speaking skills which in-line with Sanata Dharma’s noble goal to instill students with academic excellence and humanistic values.

The three teams hoped that Sanata Dharma would accommodate more debate competitions in regional level than before. They hoped that this achievement could motivate all students to join EDS Sadhar to exercise their critical thinking and to be concern about the social issues happening in the world. (rea)








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