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Sarasehan Meeting HMPS Sastra Inggris
22 March 2016
Sarasehan Meeting HMPS Sastra Inggris :: Sastra Inggris

The Sarasehan meeting, an annual program planned by the Public Relation Division of HMPS (Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi or English Department Students’ Association) of English Letters Department, was held successfully on 18th of March 2016 and attended by classes’ and UKPS’ representatives. Taking place in K.20, at 04.10 PM, the meeting drew attention from many attendees since they got latest information about HMPS and were welcomed to share their problems. The meeting was also attended by Hirmawan Wijanarka and Harris Hermansyah, the head and the deputy of the English Letters Department respectively.

The event was started with a speech given by Mr. Harris Hermansyah titled ‘Quo Vadis, HMPS?’ which talked about the development of HMPS through the three years, continued by Mr. Hirmawan Wijanarka, and then by Bramanda Ryan as the president of HMPS. After all the speeches, the meeting was continued by introducing all the divisions’ members in the HMPS and their work plans for one year. Then, in the question-and-answer session, the attendeeswere allowed to ask questions directly to both HMPS or Mr. Hirmawan and Mr. Harris. The meeting ended around 06.00 pm. (Gallang Riang Gempita)


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