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String Movie Maniacs Seminar: "Viewing Indonesia through Independent Films"
20 May 2019
String Movie Maniacs Seminar: "Viewing Indonesia through Independent Films" :: Sastra Inggris

Sunday, May 19 afternoon saw a discussion held by the official film club of Sanata Dharma’s English Letters Department, String Movie Maniacs, officially entitled “Melihat Indonesia Melalui Film Independen” (“Viewing Indonesia through Independent Films”).Located in the conference room of Sanata Dharma University’s LPPM Lembaga Bahasa, the discussion, as its name entails, was overall concerned with the industry of independent movies in Indonesia and how it has helped highlight several interesting aspects of Indonesian daily lives which mainstream production houses have very rarely touched, with its tendency on metrocentrism—fixation on the privileged, metropolitan city life. The discussion was moderated by Clara Pontifisia from the year 2016 and led by Maria Rosiana Sedjahtera as well as Arie Surastio, two award-winning independent movie directors.

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Dare to Care: A Charity Visit to Panti Asuhan Mustika Tama
16 March 2019
Dare to Care: A Charity Visit to Panti Asuhan Mustika Tama :: Sastra Inggris

Dare to Care is a charity project held by HMPSSING 2018/2019 to visit orphanage with the help of UKPS Elmo, UKPS Puppet Show, and some English Letters students. On March 10, 2019, HMPSSING and other attendees visited Panti Asuhan Mustika Tama in Tirtonimolo, Bantul, Yogyakarta. The visit begans with a greeting from Mrs. Sri Miranti Karyawati, one of the twelve founders of the orphanage. Mrs. Wati gave a warm greeting and a brief history of the orphanage to the students.

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Up Close and Personal with Irene Putri Laratsemi
16 March 2019
Up Close and Personal with Irene Putri Laratsemi :: Sastra Inggris

Irene Putri Laratsemi is an English Letters Department student of semester VIII, who recently becomes the head of production of this year’s annual play performance’s head of production. Aside from her task as the head of production, during the interview she also shows her interest in academics, hobbies, and her own dream to become an animal activist. Excerpt:

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Tlogowareng Teaching Project 2019
20 February 2019
Tlogowareng Teaching Project 2019 :: Sastra Inggris

Tlogowareng teaching project is a social activity in the form of teaching and learning activities carried out by English Letters students. The activity embodies the 3 pillars of the Sanata Dharma University, namely compassion, competence, and conscience. This project was organized by interns of the HMPSSING from the logistics division. It consists of four core members: the chairman, secretary, treasurer, plus the refreshment division who also invite other Sanata Dharma students to take part in this project.

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