Companion Proceedings of the 7th South East Asia Design Research International Conference (SEADRIC 2019)


Publication Date

Kristanto, Y. D., Panuluh, A. H., Utomo, B., Angelina, P. (Eds.)

Sanata Dharma University Press


Professional Development of Teachers and Development of Teaching Material in Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) with Mathematical Realistic Approach
Pages 1-5

Students’ Reflection on Maori’s Initial Life and Its Relationship with White People in New Zealand through the DESCA Approach
Brigida Intan Printina & Sumini Theresia
Pages 6-12

The Comparison of Effectiveness between Think Pair Share (TPS) and Team Assisted Individualization (TAI) Types of Cooperative Learning in Mathematics at Junior High School Students
Fitriani A., Muhammad Ilyas, & Nisraeni
Pages 13-16

Analysis of Problem-Solving Skills of Seventh Grade Students of Indonesia Institute of Yogyakarta Junior High School in Triangle Materials after the Implementation of Problem-Based Learning Model
Philomena Theresia Nggowa Dapa & Christiana Monica Vianny Abong Elannor
Pages 17-27

Learning Design about Proving Trigonometry Identity Using Problem-Based Learning (PBL)
FX Catur Supatmono & Stefanus Surya Osada
Pages 28-37

Development of Appy Pie Learning Media Based on Metacognitive Approach for Mathematical Reflective Thinking Ability in Geometry
R. Amalia, Fadilah, & Anwar
Pages 38-42

Analysis of Student Learning Outcomes in Proving Trigonometric Identities from Problem Based Learning Class
Stefanus Surya Osada & FX Catur Supatmono
Pages 43-53

The Implementation of Blended Learning Mediated by Edmodo to Learn about Work and Energy at Advent Nusra High School Kupang
Pringgo Acong Nusa Bakti Min Dala & Tarsisius Sarkim
Pages 54-61

Design Research for Business Introduction Subject: Developing Think Pair and Share Method to Improving Student’s Sharing Skills and Student’s Participation Skills
Kurnia Martikasari
Pages 62-67

STEM Education for Prospective Teachers
Nisraeni, Ahmad Rustam, & Deni Iriyadi
Pages 68-72

Development of Computer-Based Learning Media Using Mind Map for Learning Mathematics in Topics of Rectangle and Triangle at Secondary School
Lucy Maryeni, Syarifah Nur Siregar, Yenita Roza, & Jalinus
Pages 73-84

Analysis of Representation Forms on Linear Equations System Two Variables (LESTV) Materials for Class VIII Junior High School
Yuliana Ina Kii
Pages 85-91

The Effects of Flipped Learning Implementation on The Students’ Achievements in Language Teaching Media Course
Patricia Angelina
Pages 92-97

Improving the Communication Skills of Grade VII Students for Animals Classification and Set by Using STEM Approach
I. N. Setiawan, M. Roostika, S. Utami, H. Julie, & A. H. Panuluh
Pages 98-104

Student Worksheets Using the PISA Context for Statistics Topic in Class VIII SMP
Syarifah Nur Siregar, Kartini, Yenita Roza, & Lailatul Baroqah
Pages 105-113

Hypothetical Learning Trajectory for Classification of Animals and Sets by Using the STEM Approach
M. Roostika, I. N. Setiawan, S. Utami, H. Julie, & A. H. Panuluh
Pages 114-117

Hypothetical Learning Trajectory for Uniform Motion and Gradient Using the STEM Approach
B. Wulansari, B. L. Handayani, H. Julie, & A. H. Panuluh
Pages 118-123

Learning Design on Set Materials Using the Model Problem Based Learning
Mesak Ratuanik & Marcellinus Andy Rudhito
Pages 124-137

Validating the Indonesian Version of Reflective Thinking Questionnaire and Investigation of the Relationship Between Pre-Service Teachers’ Reflective Thinking and Academic Achievement
A. W. Sabekti, F. Khoirunnisa, Liliasari, and A. Mudzakir
Pages 138-144

Overcoming Anxiety in English Language Learning Through Drama Performance
T. Ramadhani
Pages 145-149

Student Perception of Online Quizzes and Interview Pretest Implementation in Pre-Practicum Activity
Elisabeth Dian Atmajati, Yosep Dwi Kristanto, and Albertus Hariwangsa Panuluh
Pages 150-154

High Order Thinking Skills in One of the Private Elementary Schools in Sleman Yogyakarta District (Case Study)
Apri Damai Sagita Krissandi, Brigitta Erlita Tri Anggadewi, and Sangsang Lusiani Supriyanti
Pages 155-164

Reflective Thinking Ability of Teacher Candidate Students Based on Ability Level and Gender
E. Rahmadhani, S. Wahyuni, L. Mandasari, and Y. Setiawan
Pages 165-172

Collaborative Learning Concept for Reducing the Act of Cheating
Maria Vincentia Eka Mulatsih
Pages 173-178


The companion proceedings of the 7th South East Asia Design Research International Conference (SEADRIC 2019) contain 24 papers presented in the conference. The topics range across the breadth of design research and education, i.e. STEM education, realistic mathematics education (RME), blended learning, flipped learning, problem-based learning, collaborative and cooperative learning, higher-order thinking, problem-solving, metacognition, reflective thinking and many more.


  • design research
  • design-based research
  • STEM education
  • Mathematics education
  • Statistics education research
  • Science education
  • English language education
  • realistic mathematics education
  • blended learning
  • hybrid learning
  • flipped learning
  • flipped classroom
  • inverted classroom
  • problem-based learning
  • collaborative learning
  • cooperative learning
  • learning trajectory
  • learning achievement
  • higher-order thinking
  • problem-solving
  • metacognition
  • reflective thinking
  • DESCA approach
  • PISA context
  • logic and proof
  • proof
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry

Editors and affiliations

Yosep Dwi Kristanto1, Albertus Hariwangsa Panuluh2, Beni Utomo1 and Patricia Angelina3

1 Department of Mathematics Education, Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta
2 Department of Physics Education, Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta
3 Department of English Language Education, Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta