Guidelines for Reviewers

Visit the conference submission system at

Click LOG IN on the menu bar, then enter your username and password to sign in to your account.

Login page
Log in page

In the USER HOME page, click the Active link (the preceding number indicates the number of abstracts you have reviewed)

User home in Open Conference System (OCS)
User home

Click one of the abstract titles that you are willing to review.

Active submission page in Open Conference System (OCS)
Active submission page

Please review the title and abstract. You can view the metadata (Keyword etc) by clicking the VIEW METADATA button. After that, scroll down and click the Review Form icon.

Review page in Open Conference System (OCS)
Review page

There are three items that you should choose on the 1 – 5 scale (very bad – very good) based on your assessment. Please give your review report on the box provided below.

Review form in Open Conference System (OCS)
Review form

Finally, please choose one option from the recommendation, then click Submit Review To Director.

Note: This conference is about Design Research. Nevertheless, educational research is also permitted to be presented in this conference.

Recommendation for the abstract
Give your recommendation to the director

Further Reading

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