Paper Submission Guidelines

Before you submit your paper, go back and review your paper to ensure whether your paper is in accordance with our author guidelines. After you are sure, please follow these guidelines to submit your paper to the submission system.

Please log in to the submission system at

In your USER HOME, click the number of your active submission as author.

In your ACTIVE SUBMISSION page, click your article tittle.

Please click the Pilih file button, then find the directory of your full paper article then click the upload button.

If you successfully uploaded your full paper, the information about it will appear. Please make sure that you have uploaded the correct file. Then click Save and Continue.

You can upload your supplementary files which are (a) research instruments, (b) data sets, which comply with the terms of the study’s research ethics review, (c) sources that otherwise would be unavailable to readers, (d) figures and tables that cannot be integrated into the text itself, or other materials that add to the contribution of the work. If you do not want to upload the supplementary files, please click Save and Continue.

Please click Finish Submission.

Your article status now is Paper in Review. You cannot re-upload or change your uploaded article.

If you want to change the abstract in your full paper, please also change the metadata. Please complete the co-author and keywords too. Click your article title.


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