Full Paper Review Guidelines

Visit the conference submission system at http://e-conf.usd.ac.id/index.php/seadr/seadr19

Click LOG IN on the menu bar. Then please enter your username and password to sign in into your account

Login with your reviewer account

In the USER HOME page, click the *number Active* (this shows the amounts of the full paper you will review)

Click the number of papers to be reviewed

Click one of the titles that you would like to review

Click the title

You can view the metadata (Keyword etc) by clicking the VIEW METADATA. Download the full paper that you should review by clicking on the submission manuscript. Then please click the icon of Review Form.

Click review form to begin your review process

There are three items that you should choose on the 1 – 5 scale (very bad – very good) based on your evaluation. In addition, please give your review report on the box provided below. You can also give a recommendation that your reviewed paper can be published in which journal or proceeding. List of journals:

  1. Jurnal Pendidikan IPA Indonesia
  2. Journal on Mathematics Education
  3. Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika
  4. REiD (Research and Evaluation in Education)
  5. Infinity Journal
  6. International Journal on Emerging Mathematics Education (IJEME)
  7. LLT Journal: A Journal on Language and Language Teaching

More information please visit https://www.usd.ac.id/seminar/seadr/options-for-publication/

Review form

Please choose one of the recommendation. The committee has decided that all papers are accepted. Please choose between Accept Submission or Revisions Required. Then click Submit Review to Director.

Select an appropriate recommendation

Finally, please click SKIP EMAIL icon.

Click Skip Email to finish your review process

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