Call for Papers

Conference Focus

TEXTUAL MOBILITIES: Diaspora, Migration, Transnationalism and Multiculturalism

The conference, ”Textual Mobilities,” invites papers that focus on the representations of the experience of diaspora, migration, transnationalism and multiculturalism in today’s globalization. Cultural forms like literature, film, theatre, media and other contemporary forms have tried to map the experience in all its varieties, dimensions and complexities. In literature, “textual mobilities” of Ramayana and Mahabharata epics and their surrogations across Southeast Asia is a case in point. Current critical theories, especially postcolonial theories, have translated textual mobilities into diverse enticing trajectories worth investigating.

In the process, the mapping and its trajectories have complicated conventions of representation like the notion of “mirroring” reality in fiction, or rendered problematic the notion of “representation” itself, like “realism” as a mode of representation across cultural conventions, genres, forms and principles and practices.

Literature, film, theatre, media and other contemporary forms that deal with the experience of diaspora, migration and multiculturalism as “imagined reality” problematize even as they highlight the invention and innovation of cultural and art forms that engage with the “lived reality” of globalization, including its social contradictions and asymmetries generated by globalization.

The theme of the conference is expansive enough to allow for a whole range of literary and cultural forms and media texts, approaches, perspectives, and disciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogues around the notions of home diaspora, migration, transnationalism and multiculturalism while allowing for specific issues as focus in national and international contexts. It welcomes papers from the broad fields of the social sciences as well as from the humanities.

The papers may include cultural texts that embody the phenomena of diaspora, migration and multiculturalism and related experiences as both as a site of constraints and a space for possibilities.

Guidelines for Submitting Abstract

  1. Write your 250-word abstract (in English or Bahasa Indonesia), provide a title, your name, email, name of department and university.
  2. Indicate under what particular topic area your abstract is being submitted.
  3. Submit your abstract no later than Monday, 15 August 2017.
  4. Indicate any audio-visual equipment or logistical requirements you might need for your presentation at the conference.
  5. Indicate the language of presentation (the committee provides interpreters for those who present in Bahasa Indonesia).

Submit your abstract to Your abstract acceptance notification will be sent 2 (two) weeks after your submission. Full paper has to be submitted by 15 September 2017.

Topic Areas

  • New “representations” in contemporary cultural forms and media
  • Constructions of identities and ethnicities
  • Multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism
  • Minority cultures and diaspora
  • Migration and inequalities
  • Transnationalism and translation
  • Adaptations, literary influences, allusions
  • Locations, dislocations, and displacements
  • Trans-cultural encounters and exchanges
  • Tradition and modernity
  • Hybridity and transnationalism
  • Diaspora and human dignity
  • “Western” conventions and “Non-Western” content
  • Third World reality in the First World society
  • Transnational texts
  • Marginal, liminal, and migratory experience
  • Away but home; home but away
  • Mobility and Border crossing
  • National identity and the Postcolonial instability
  • Language mobilities and world englishes
  • Multicultural education