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Name of the Event:


Senior and Vocational High Schools in  Yogyakarta Central Java

Place of the Event:
Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta

Date of the Event:
11th  - May 12th, 2012


Kinds of Contest: 

A. Speech Contest

B.  Story Telling Contest

C. Writing Contest

D. Drama Contest

E. Debate Competition


      In the globalization era, the English language, which is an international language, plays a crucial role. English language becomes a way for taking a role in a big project which involves the entire world. As a young generation, the students of SMA and SMK will face this reality. As people who will handle on that time, it will be good if they are prepared well, one of them is they have supplied English skill. Therefore, English Language Education Study Program as a part of Sanata Dharma University which care about the development of English Language feels that it is important to take a role to provide an alternative chance to sharpen the skill. The chance is English Action Days (EAD) 2012. This event will be held in two days with the preliminary round on the first day and final round on the second day.
      The point of English Action Days 2012 is set for the students of SMA and SMK which are in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY) and Central Java. DIY province is chosen because Sanata Dharma University is a part of DIY province and feels that it is important to taking a role in developing this province. In other hand, DIY province is chosen to ease the committee and participants communication, so the event will be held successfully. DIY province is also chosen because there are many students of SMA and SMK who have good potency in English Language and it is strategic enough for the committee in reaching.

      For the EAD 2012, the committee has adopted the big theme Encourage, Empower the World. This theme was made based on PBI student's concern of social issues in society. We invite the participants to be encouraged and motivated to take and give their role for responding humanitarian issues in the world. This humanitarian issue is about the struggle of poor society to survive for a better life.

       Encourage, Empower the World is invited us to be brave in motivating ourselves in order to be more smart and pro-active in the aim of giving power and bringing a better change for society (humanist). Incapability and powerlessness are seen as an obstacle in changing process. The aim of EAD committee is not only the spirit for self developing and participating, but more over than it, is how the participants use imagination power, copyright and creativity to process the theme in every competition that is involve in EAD 2012. The big theme, Encourage, Empower the World is not only looked in small themes in every competitions. But, the process of encouraging and empowering the world is looked in how the committee held the competition and how the participants follow this event.

       In this EAD, the participants are invited to uphold their humanism with their ideas and creativity. We hope the participants of EAD 2012 be aware of humanism in their society and the danger of carelessness to avoid an individualistic society.

      English Action Days will be held on May 11 -12, 2012 at Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta. The competitions are:

1. Speech Contest

2. Story Telling Contest

3. Writing Contest

4. Drama Contest

5. Debate Competition

      You are able to register your school at Student Hall, Sanata Dharma University, started on April 2, 2012.

      For any further questions or information regarding the rules and / or registration, please send them to our e-mail address ead_pbi@yahoo.com or visit our blog englishactiondays.blogspot.com

1. Vani (085 743 433 432)

2. Tika (085 741 841 905)

Please join us and enjoy these competitions



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