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An Exceptional Mini-Seminar by the Jesuits

After learning Bahasa Indonesia for about four weeks, Jesuit fraters ended their language program at Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma by having a mini seminar as a part of their learning evaluation on Friday (24/07/2015). Teachers, along with some other students of the language institute, were nourished with some insights on life philosophy, humanity, and social analysis presented by the young Jesuits of two countries – Gerald Lukwe ‘Gerald’, Saw Justin ‘Justin’, John Bosco John Do ‘Bosco’, Seng Aung ‘Mwe’ (Myanmar) and Pantharaks Rueangswas F ‘Francis’, Chontawat Wano ‘Heng’, Sakda Meedchawdoy ‘Sakda’ (Thailand). Yume Yoneda, an Indonesian for Specific Purposes student from Japan, also participated in this event by presenting her insights on terms used for the defables (disables).

At the language institute, the Jesuits were following the academic program as an extended preparation for their study at Driyarkara School of Philosophy Jakarta, one of the higher learning institutes founded by Jesuits (including Sanata Dharma University). The program was designed to help the Jesuits compose academic writings added with some basic introduction of public speaking.

Francis successfully marked the opening of the seminar by presenting his writing on the comparison of Buddha and St. Ignatius Loyola’s ideas of life and its goals. His knowledge spoke volume during the presentation and Q and A session, which eventually made him one of the bests speakers of the day. Other than Francis, Bosco and Heng were not less confident to talk about his insights on life. With his well-elaborated explanation, Bosco assured the participants with his brilliant paper on life courage while Heng came up with his exceptional view of self-consciousness.


To begin the presentation, Mwe broke the chill by introducing his favourite flower and his so-called future publication, which gave the participants a clue on his presentation. He confidently talked about how to live side-by-side, not only with the people comrades but also the universe. Yume Yoneda, the only non-Jesuit presenter initiated a discussion on disabilities in Indonesia. She brilliantly conveyed her evaluation on the public facilities and knowledge of disability in Indonesia. She also made an exceptional explanation on terms of ‘impairment,’ ‘disability,’ and ‘difable.’

Other than humanity, the event was enriched by the social analysis presentation by Saw Justin and Gerald. They both opened up the horizons of participants’ knowledge by presenting the facts and analysis of military role in Myanmar and its implication towards the Myanmar education system. Sakda topped off the seminar by presenting his paper on a particular tribe in Myanmar and Thailand named Karen.


As a part of Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma tradition in closing a program, Sakda and Heng were given a time to express their gratitudes and final words on their accomplishments of the program. Father Suryo, as the coordinator of Jesuit program in Yogyakarta, also gave a short speech telling his experience as the coordinator of the program and his message to the young Jesuits to always be passionate in learning languages, “language is the door to the society,” he said. All the Jesuits were finally given certificates and authentic  batik gift as the tokens for their academic completion at Lembaga Bahasa Universitas Sanata Dharma. (FP)


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