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On-Campus Activities

In order to accommodate the talent, interest, and hobby, as well as to develop the creativity of its students, the English Letters Department offers various extracurricular activities. Some of them are:    

English Debating Society


English debating is an activity which seeks to help students gain self-confidence when presenting arguments and developing their ability to think critically. English Debating Society or EDS is one of the UKMF that has established its name as winners of many debating competitions among universities.  

English Debate Society

EDS members on debate training

Members of English Debating Society

String Movie Maniacs

Established on 21 April 2000, String Movie Maniacs is a home for movie geeks. Its activities range from playing movies for entertainment to being embedded in an elective course, Film Studies. It welcomes the students who have a genuine interest in movies.

Watch the video of String Movie Maniacs Profile

Play Performance

Play performance is an extracurricular unit that accomodates the interest and talent of students in drama or play performance. The English language play perfomances are directed and starred by the students of English Letters Depertment.


Komunitas Sekar Jepun

This is an extracurricular unit that accommodates the students, lecturers, and staffs who have genuine interest in the traditional Balinese Dance. The unit holds Balinese Dance performances few times in a year.

Integrity Magazine

This English language magazine, managed by the students of English Letters Department contains many interesting topics and creative literary works made by the students. The magazine usually publishes three editions in a year.


UKF Basket

This extracurricular unit accommodates the interest, passion, and talent of students in basketball. The training sessions are held three times in a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for two hours duration from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


Field Trip

This activity originally is a part of an elective course, Translation Studies. Driven by the need to open their horizon, not only stuck behind classroom walls, the students of Translation Studies of Class 2005 initiated an off-campus activity to visit Gramedia, Kompas, Metro TV and other companies or places that fit for their skill. It then becomes a regular activity of the Department.

Welcomed in Kompas Meeting Room

In Gramedia Pustaka Utama building

In KompasTV Newsroom 

With Rosi Simamora, a senior editor with Gramedia Pustaka Utama 

With Sammy 'Kerispatih' in TransTV Jakarta studio




















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