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Copywriter English and Bahasa Indonesia at Dog Digital

Job description

As a copywriter for Dog Digital you are not just creatively fresh but also strategically sound and always spot on brand. He/she will be a strong representative and crucial player within our creative team.

You are expected to oversee the quality of all copywriting deliverables, ensuring it meets Dog Digital’s standards for creative excellence and client satisfaction.  

Copywriters should possess the ability to work comfortably with people from different creative disciplines and with different perspectives. He/she should also be able to collaborate effectively with account managers and the creative team (e.g., Designers, Creative Director).

Duties and Responsibilities

- Be able to write compelling and grammatically clean copy as well as effective headlines, taglines, and calls to action both in English and Bahasa.

- Be comfortable writing in multiple styles and have a deep understanding of the different writing styles for multiple formats (print/online/social). 

- Write copy that is always on brand and strategically sound.

- Conceptualise and collaborate closely with our creative team.

Desired Skills and Experience

- A minimum of 3 years’ experience in advertising and/or digital media.

- Well versed in more traditional media like print, TV, video, direct response, retail, or promotion channels is a plus.

- It’s a must that your have a passion for digital media and the ability to juggle multiple projects/tasks.You love to collaborate and have no problem with constructive criticism,

bring good team chemistry and build client relations and confidence.

To apply, please send your CV along with your URL and/or portfolio to and cc


About Dog Digital

Your Creative Partner in a Digital World. 

Dog Digital started in 1996, when the Internet was still in short pants. 
Over the decades we've had the pleasure of taking famous brands and services on some amazing journeys. And as the Internet has grown, so have we. 

Today we find ourselves 70 strong and as well as expanding in Glasgow our spiritual home, we've opened offices across UK and into Singapore. 

With a solid footprint in Singapore we are already looking for the next step forward with Indonesia in sight. We are expanding and setting up a team to work for one of our global accounts

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