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ELLIS Training for Trainers
05 August 2013
ELLIS Training for Trainers :: Sastra Inggris

ELLIS, a program designed by Pearson Education, provides listening practices equipped with videos. In every listening practice, the students can also learn vocabularies, grammar, and culture of each conversation. One of the features in the program also exposes how to pronounce certain sounds and words so the students can observe how certain sounds are produced. Consequently, the students can also improve their pronunciation.

To check their mastery in listening, the students can take the test in every lesson. Designed to provide a fun learning, this program provides games in every lesson. The various topics and videos are expected to motivate the students to improve their listening skills and indirectly their vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and pronunciation (arn)


Bu Ria posing for the last time as the lab head with the Eduspec staff

Listening attentively to the Eduspec trainer

Photos courtesy of Yoyok Jogja


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