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HMPSSING 2018/2019 Swearing-in Ceremony
03 December 2018
HMPSSING 2018/2019 Swearing-in Ceremony :: Sastra Inggris

On 10th November 2018, at the same time with Indonesian Heroes’ Day, the HMPSSING 2018/2019 swearing-in ceremony was held in LPPM Seminar Room. It was attended by the HMPSSING 2018/2019 and 2017/2018 members, representatives from Sanata Dharma General Election Commision, Class Assembly, BEMU, UKPS, lecturers, and other attendees. The ceremony begin with prayers and singing Indonesia Raya and Universitas Sanata Dharma’s hymn in unison.

The former chairperson of HMPSSING, Jati Theresia Moranca Siregar gave a speech to all HMPS members. “This was not an easy task; to be able to survive together in HMPS within a year” Jati said. Jati added, “I know that the majority of 2017/2018 HMPS members are very concerned about academic values. But in HMPS you have to keep the maximum effort when working.” Jati hopes that the new members of HMPS are able to get many lessons from this organization.

Then, the chairperson Albertus Revo Pramudya, the vice-chairperson Stanislaus Danang Bayu Aji, and the 19 members of swore-in in front of English Letters Department’s Head of Department, Vice Head of Department, and the attendees as witness. After swearing-in, they signed the pledge document and the former HMPS chairperson handover the articles of association as a symbol to handover the position to the new chairperson. Revo hoped that HMPS able to carry out the programs in the future and to coordinate in a better way so the programs can run smoothly. Revo also added, “Because to build a better English Letters Department, we need help from all students of English Letters Department.” (Nicholas Javier S.A.)

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