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Up Close and Personal with Irene Putri Laratsemi
16 March 2019
Up Close and Personal with Irene Putri Laratsemi :: Sastra Inggris

Question (Q): Could you tell me about your life?

Irene (I): My name is Irene Putri Laratsemi. I am 22 years old. I was born in Bogor. I am the second child of three. Now I am currently in 8th semester (Batch 2015).

Q: What made you attend in Universitas Sanata Dharma, especially in English Letters Department?

I: English was my favourite subject since I was in kindergarten. When I was in highschool, I found my other interest in Biology and I do like animals. I assigned for Veterinary Department in one of the university in Jogja. Actually English Letters USD was my second choice after being rejected from another university. But gladly I didn't regret for becoming one of the student in this Department.

Q: What do you feel when you attend English Letters Department?

I: At first, I feel excited because in the first semester the subject was not really hard. As the time goes by, I felt the subject was even harder, but that's what made my curiosity of new things increased.

Q: What are your hobbies?

I: I love travelling, and culinary.

Q: So you like travelling right? Tell me more about your travelling hobby.

I: I love travelling especially to new places. I have visited 3 countries, except Indonesia of course. Usually, I go travelling with my family. We used to visit cities, and hike mountains. I always dream to do solo travelling but I consider the safety and it takes more courage to do it alone, maybe some day.

Q: What is your dream?

I: I want to be an activist, especially for animals and environment. I want to work in WWF if I have any chance.

Q: Do you have any plans after you graduate?

I: I would like to continue my study for my master degree abroad if I get scholarship. This is my closest plan.

Q: Anyway, I heard that you've become the head of production of this year's annual play performance. Tell me more about your job.

I: Basically my job is to control and watch every movement of the crew, to make sure that they are in the same path. My job is to manage this project so it can be done successfully. Also to be the bridge between the producer a.k.a university and the crew.

Q: Have you found any difficulties during your task as a head of production?

I: Yes, I have. I think in any event or occasion difficulties are always there to challenge us to be better and to make us learn many things like how to work as a team, how to think out of the box, etc.

Q: Did you find any ups and downs during your task as a head of production?

I: Of course. Being a leader is not easy, especially when you have to compile all opinions and suggestions, and to decide which one is better for everyone. When your decision is right, there will always some people who disagree, but you just have to remember that you can't please everybody.

Q: What do you expect for this year's play performance?

I: I just wish that this year's performance can be held succesfully. And all the audiences can enjoy our performance. (Nicholas Javier)




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