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Elcomfest 2016: Dare to Bring on Your Future!
25 April 2016
Elcomfest 2016: Dare to Bring on Your Future! :: Sastra Inggris



After being postponed for more than three weeks, the third competition of ELCOMFEST was finally held on 16 and 17 April 2016 at the vicinity of English Faculty. On the first day, as with the two previous competitions, the event was started with an opening ceremony, featuring speeches by the Deputy of the English Department Harris Hermansyah S, and the head of the committee, Luisa Nastiti Wikaningtyas. Mr. Hermansyah pointed out that one aims of joining competition is to find new friends, since “a thousand friends are not enough.” Wikan, on the other hand, welcomed the competitors and explained the general theme of this year competition.  That is, “dare to bring on your future.”

There were new things in this year competition. If last year it was opened only for senior high school students and the general public, this year it was opened also for junior high school students. Another new thing was that the competition included such new contests as Spelling Bee and Mural aside from the old one.

At the end of each competition days, the winners were announced. Following are the list of the winners from all branches of competition. (mdirg)



Spelling Bee (Junior High School)

1. Keylani Karanina Dylovan (SMP Kristen Kalam Kudus)

2. Elliana Gusti Nasya Pramesti (SMP Pungudi Luhur 1 Yogyakarta)

3. Ruth Tirza Arina (SMP Kristen Kalam Kudus)

Storytelling (Junior High School)

1. Lituhayu Liyudza D.M (SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta)

2. Reynard Ardian Simanjuntak (SMP Stella Duce 1 Yogyakarta)

3. Miftahul Jannah (SMP 2 Bambanglipuro)

Creative Writing (Junior High School)

1. Jessica Vania Budiman (SMP Kristen Kalam Kudus)

2. Josheline Muliowidjojo (Sekolah Nasional Karangturi)

Poem Reading (Senior High School)

1. Shania Salma Safira (SMAN 3 Surakarta)

2. Muhammad Zafar Farhan Zuhdi (SMAN 8 Yogyakarta)

3. Anastasia Tralita Benita (SMA Santa Maria)

Storytelling (Senior High School)

1. Alita Mislia Salsabila (SMA Kesatrian 2 Semarang)

2. Lazarus Andja Karunia (SMA Pangudi Luhur Yogyakarta)

3. Galuh Alitia Mulya (SMA Kesatrian 1 Semarang)

Creative Writing (Senior High School)

1. Fransisca Gisela Winata (SMA Negeri Surakarta)

2. Theotilus Hobba Pramono (SMA Kristen Peirta Nusantara Kasih Surakarta)


1. K3

2. Yunika


1. Freaking Crew

2. Sunday Flow

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