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Courtesy Visit by Universitas Sains Al Quran Wonosobo
22 April 2016
Courtesy Visit by Universitas Sains Al Quran Wonosobo :: Sastra Inggris

The first session held in Driyarkara discussion room, led by Bramanda Ryan as the president of HMPSSING and Mr. Harris Hermansyah as the vice head of English Letters Department. Mr. Hirmawan Wijanarka also presented at the moment on behalf of the  English Letters Department. In this first session, Mr. Harris Hermansyah talked a lot about campus activities in English Letters Department including activities of HMPSSING, vision and mission of the department, and students' activities besides teaching and learning process. In this session too, all members of HMPSSING from their own divisions were introduced and their job desks were explained. By the end of it, a question and answer session were opened; they were welcomed to ask anything about English Letters Department of Sanata Dharma University.

Then in the second session, all students of UNSIQ were led to visit the facilities Sanata Dharma provided for the students. They were divided into two small groups in which consist of several members of HMPSSING ready to explain and answer their question during the session. The tour started from the Main Library, then continued to the 1st Campus building; they visited Mini Studio, Journalism Lab, Self Access Center (SAC), Common Room, and Multimedia Lab (MM-2). During this session, all members of HMPSSING and students of UNSIQ joined the same group; they talked and shared information informally about the place they visited.

By the end of their visit, all students of UNSIQ and members of HMPSSING gathered in the lobby and took a picture together before leaving  around 5:00 PM. (gallang)




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