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Fresh Faces Fight in FSPDC 2016
20 April 2016
Fresh Faces Fight in FSPDC 2016 :: Sastra Inggris

Within the first days of FSPDC, SADHAR B started with 3 consecutive victories and later met SADHAR A, who had lost once, in the last preliminary round. The latter team won the round under a close margin, evening out both teams’ winning points. Upon the breaking announcement, anticipation turned into cheers as SADHAR B’s and SADHAR A’s names were plastered on the screen as the top breaking teams, standing on 2nd and 3rd ranks. With equal victory points in hands, both teams proceeded to the quarter-final.

Sanata Dharma teams’ journey continued onto the semi-final where they had to, once again, face each other. In the other room, Gadjah Mada University teams—who previously sandwiched Sanata Dharma as the 1st and 4th breaking teams—were undergoing similar situation. The ‘civil wars’ were unfortunate, but the show went on with SADHAR A and UGM A passing as the finalists. They delivered their speeches behind Grand Wahid Hotel’s podium the following day. SADHAR A was not able to bring home the trophy at the end of the day, although all its members became co-4th best speakers. Meanwhile SADHAR B had Intan Realista as 5th and Anoxia Festy as 3rd best speaker. Despite all the ups and downs, nothing stopped Sanata Dharma teams from cherishing the moment.

For the young EDS ladies, what matters the most is the journey they have undergone. “They [seniors] told us it’s all about what you’ve gained in the process of moving from that point to this point,” Gracia pointed afar, then at her shoes. Still, after tasting the position of a to-be champion, the SADHARs got a boost of motivation to hopefully erase the ‘to-be’ in future competitions—which is, realistically speaking, way easier said than done. “Regardless of everything, this golden chance [FSPDC] is the perfect stepping stone for us as the next generation of EDS Sadhar to further improve ourselves,” Tiara stated, “and we are just so grateful to be in a supportive community where members back each other up through thick and thin!”

FSPDC may have ended (for now) but EDS Sadhar’s fight will continue. Lessons were taken, still, the road ahead is long and winding, but don’t be mistaken, many more opportunities are awaiting. (R&G)





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