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Short Escape and Exploration
06 May 2015
Short Escape and Exploration :: Sastra Inggris

On November 12th, the participants visited Kompas Gramedia  (KG) and Kick Andy. It was about 9.30 am when the participants arrived at KG. They were welcomed by the public relation staffs. After having short welcome snack and speech, the field trip participants were given a short introduction about KG and its products.

Continuing the next agenda, Vera, an editor of KG gave a brief presentation about the life of an editor and a translator in KG. In her presentation, she explained the steps of how a novel is produced; starting from the editing step until the selling step. She also shared her experiences in becoming an editor. She stated that being an editor was a very challenging and fun job. Being an editor means dealing with both text and human. Text is the works that she works on while person is the author of the text. An author can be so nice but can be so annoying sometimes especially those who are famous authors.

Different from an editor, a translator deals only with the text. Being a translator means being a creative and up-to-date person in order to be able to give equivalence and acceptable translation of an expression and a text. There are two types of translators in KG. The first one is the translator who works officially in the office following the working hours. The second is the freelance translator who works outside the office following the deadline given. Not only the life of an editor and a translator that were shared. A staff of also shared about the working atmosphere of the department. As a closing, Vera gave some books to the participants who could answer some questions she gave. 



After learning lot of knowledge, the participants enjoyed their afternoon break before preparing to watch an inspiring show, “Kick Andy”. The theme of that day’s show was teacher’s life in remote area.  In line with the theme, three guests were invited in the show. It was not only about the show actually, being a part of the show, the field trip participants could learn how was the work of the show crews covering the floor director, the host, etc.

Ending the exploration about the working field, the fieldtrip participants went to Bandung to have their short refreshing time. The refreshing agendas were shopping and having fun. Learn much, rest enough; that is suit statement to reflect the field trip activity. (LLY)




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