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JOLL: Levelling Up from SINTA 5 to SINTA 2
Sastra Inggris | 16 September 2020
JOLL: Levelling Up from SINTA 5 to SINTA 2 :: Fakultas Sastra USD Yogyakarta

Our Journal of Language and Literature (JOLL) has levelled up to SINTA 2 from previously SINTA 5. It's such an amazing "leap of faith" of Ms. Arina and her team's "blood, sweat, and tears" for nurturing and developing it to arrive at this level.

Journal of Language and Literature (JOLL) is an open access journal which articles concerned with linguistics, literature, translation, and cultural studies. It is published twice a year in April and October by English Letters Department, Universitas Sanata Dharma. For the students, scholars, and researchers who want to contribute their research in English with the scope of linguistic, literature, translation, and cultural studies, you can come to this link: https://e-journal.usd.ac.id/index.php/JOLL








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