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Dare to Care: A Charity Visit to Panti Asuhan Mustika Tama
Sastra Inggris | 16 March 2019
Dare to Care: A Charity Visit to Panti Asuhan Mustika Tama :: Fakultas Sastra USD Yogyakarta

After the greeting, UKPS Elmo entertained the orphans with some songs that cheered up the orphans to stay strong and see the bright future. They also sang some children’s songs along with the orphans. They played a game to know each other with the orphans by their names. The students and the orphans were happy to know each other’s name, it made them feel bounded and became familiar very quickly.

Then, UKPS Puppet Show presented their show to entertain the orphans with a story about Otan, an orangutan with messy hair which was always teased by his friends. During the story, the storytellers were also being interactive with the orphans.

Before the students ended their visit, they played a last game to cheer up the orphans. The students and the orphans had to put three small candies into the cup. Everyone was enthusiastic in this game and all at the end all of the orphans received prizes from the students.

Finally at the end of the visit, the students gave donations to the orphanage such as food supplies, clothes, and books. The donations were symbolically given to the orphanage caretakers by the HMPS members. The visit ended at 1:00 p.m., because the orphans had to go to take a nap. Even though it is a short visit, Mrs. Wati hoped that our relation would not end. (Nicholas Javier)




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