Voluntary Teaching during Pandemic

Mon, 28 Mar 2022

As part of PROCESS PBI USD's  annual programme, Voluntary Teaching (VolTeach) was successfully held offline in the middle of the pandemic COVID-19 in 2021. VolTeach 2021 took place at Kelompok Belajar Ceria in Bong Suwung, near the Tugu train station in Yogyakarta, from 28 to 27 March 2021 and from 17 to 18 April 2021.

PBI students will be offered opportunities to teach English through participation in this program. The participants in VolTeach included 18 PBI students and 10 PROCESS members. There were strict health regulations followed during this activity. Besides required to use masks and hand sanitizers, PROCESS also provided masks and hand sanitizer to the volunteers and students. 

During the activity, the students looked extremely happy because they had the opportunity to learn together, since most of the students in Kelompok Belajar Ceria are students without an opportunity to attend school due to their financial problems. In this activity, both volunteers and students will be trained to be active and confident while learning English, which is a new experience for the students.

Talking to kids

 PROCESS members and volunteers of VolTeach

Kids learn to sing a song together

Kids gather and study together

Text by MMC-ers: Jasmine MP (191214154) and Rasya MK (201214014)
Editor: BB