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PBI-ers Complete Studies
Fourteen PBI-ers or students of the English Language Education Study Programme of Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta have been scheduled to sit for the defence or oral exams on Monday till Thursday, 9 untl 12 April 2018.  To ensure that the defence runs smoothly, every examinee and every examiner are required to comply with or be informed of the following. First, every examinee is to store her or his power point (ppt) file on the PBI notebook at least one day before the exam. Second, every single oral exam is to begin ON TIME and to last NOT more than 50 minutes. Third, each oral exam is to start at half past the hour, for example, 07.30, 08.30 and 11.30. Fourth, the oral defence schedule is accessible at: www.usd.ac.id/fakultas/pendidikan/pbi (pengumuman). Fifth, the defence result will be announced approximately 10 ten minutes after every exam. As for the field choices or specializations, every PBI-er has three main options, namely educational literature, educational linguistics and education/teaching of the English language.


Wishing good luck to oneself ... crossing fingers ... to graduate soon

Donna, of batch 2014, succeeds in her thesis defence

Optimistic future PBI graduates and PBI academic staff, Mr Ardi, pose together

Emmy (left) and Fikri prepare flowers to mark their friends' successes

Strong support from fellow students for PBI-er examinees 

Rara (left) and Anita smile after their successful defence

PBI-ers of batch 2015 get ready to graduate the following year

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