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The Thesis Proposal Seminar 2016
29 January 2016
The Thesis Proposal Seminar 2016 :: S2 Kajian Bahasa Inggris

The Grand Thesis Proposal Seminar of ELS has just been over. In the seminar, lasting from January 18 – 22  in Palma Room, forty nine (49) thesis proposals from the three concentrations (linguistics, language teaching, and literature) were presented and reviewed. The thesis titles varied according to the the students' concentration and interest, but three topics were dominant in the English Education concentration, namely lived-experience study, material design, ICT application for language teaching.

In general, the students were satisfied with their presentations but were greatly challenge by the lecturers' comments. It was "really effective and meaningful for students before they conduct the research," Eli (Edu14) said. She further added that it "encouraged students to enhance their self-ability either in academic or practice,and to boost students' critical thinking." Vita (Ling14) also said that the seminar was a success and she could learn a lot from it. She said "the topics are varied and the lecturers really gave the significant feedback. The most important thing is that the knowledge has been shared successfully. Dian (Lit14) agreed with Eli and Vita. She said that "the seminar is very beneficial for students because it provides an opportunity to communicate our research ideas and establish collaborations among lecturers and students that will support the research in the future. Moreover, it also provides us feedbacks from lecturers and fellow students. The feedbacks will be beneficial to prepare us in conducting our research in the future."

Though the seminar was a success, the real success is when the students can complete their thesis in August or December this year. Let's just hope.

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