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The Grand Thesis Proposal Seminar 2019: Motivating through Insightful Feedbacks
S2 Kajian Bahasa Inggris | 28 January 2019
The Grand Thesis Proposal Seminar 2019: Motivating through Insightful Feedbacks :: Fakultas Pasca Sarjana USD Yogyakarta

The end English Language Students (ELS) batch 2017 grand seminar is the beginning of the real challenge to obtain Magister Humaniora (M.Hum/M.A.). The Grand Thesis Proposal Seminar was held on January 21 – 23 presenting twenty five (25) various studies conducted by the graduate student of ELS. The topics presented in the grand seminar cover three concentrations (linguistics, language teaching, and literature). Though the feedback was for each stream, students from different streams found that the feedback was also beneficial for their thesis improvement. The feedback and suggestions given from the lecturers are indeed very beneficial to improve the students’ thesis. Nofa from Education streams said “the feedback from the lectures is really helpful. The way they deliver the feedback and suggestions are also easy to understand.” In addition, Yo from Literature stream added that “the feedbacks greatly helps him to get a clear picture about what he should do further with his thesis.” Along with the comments, Putri, Linguistic student said “the seminar has been really helpful in motivating me to finish my thesis on time.”

As the grand seminar has ended successfully, it marks the real journey of ELS student to achieve the real success which is to complete their thesis and obtain Magister Humaniora (M.Hum/M.A.). Godspeed! (NS)

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