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13 November 2017
From my perspective as a retired HR Executive Vice President AT&T, who has supervised the hiring and career development of thousands of MBA graduates globally, I conclude that the MM USD is a top quality academic program building graduates who will be well prepared to diagnose, design, and deliver solutions to any organization situation!!
The course curriculum appears well and tightly designed to grow the two most critical characteristics desired by businesses in graduates – leadership character and business competency. Besides introducing students to the best principles in strategy, financial controls/accounting, marketing, and operations management, etc; The MM USD stresses the all important processes to grow self-awareness, ethical behavior, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. The development of such character strengths are so fundamental to strong career growth!!
The administration of the MM USD is well organized and executed. The staff under your leadership are very professional, well trained with a passion to serve the students!! They are great to work with!!
Your faculty is a highly committed group of well-credentialed professionals who stress the “real- world” perspectives in their teaching of business management principles in their classes. I have also witnessed a strong desire to take a multi-disciplinary approach to material (this approach is highly desired by employers; but rarely seen in USA schools). Your faculty members have a deep passion for shaping the future leaders of Indonesia and the globe. I felt very welcomed by all of them as a short time partner in their mission. Top quality academics and colleagues!!
I lectured in two MM USD courses. I found the students to be insightful, strategic, and pragmatic at solving assigned problems in teams. (This is a critical learning experience since business is a “team sport”).
I feel privileged to have served (albeit in a small way) the MM USD Program this past month. I look forward to a continued relationship with the program in any way you feel I can most add value In the future. You are building a great “world class” program at MM USD. You should feel proud of your progress to date. On a personal note, I thank you so much for your friendship!!
(The above article is a sharing of Richard Sibbernsen as he wrote via email to the Director MM USD. Richard Sibbernsen is Retired Executive Vice President, AT & T, USA. He did academic activities, workshops, trainings, consultations well at MM USD from 2 - 28 October 2017).

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