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19 October 2017
TAMAKO WATANABE –  KEYNOTE SPEAKER IN THE ICEBMR 2017 :: Magister ManajemenMagister Manajemen USD News. Tamako Watanabe is a specialist of Social Impact Business Development; Impact Business Creation Unit The Japan Research Institute Limited (JRI).   She did a research with title:  The Inter-American Development Bank on social entrepreneurship and social innovation ecosystems in six Asian Pacific countries.

She works at The Japan Research Institute, Lmtd (JRI) as a Specialist of Social Impact Business Development & Impact Business Creation Unit. JRI is now organizing the largest open innovation platform that involves Japanese central and local government, as well as several large corporations including Toyota and NEC. On this platform, JRI does two (2) major activities:
  1. Developing and supporting start-ups that bring social and economic impact in both domestic and global market. Every year, JRI organizes the largest start-up pitch session in Japan and this year is our 3rd year. The session aims to identify and support the start-ups that will bring good social and economic impact in the market, and it attracts many large corporations and venture capitals not only from Japan but also US, UK, and Thailand.
  2. Organizing business development projects that incorporate the latest technologies such as IoT, Fintech and Agritech, with its consortium member corporations.
As a practitioner of developing innovation ecosystem in Japan, she would be glad to share those two (2) activities in the conference.

In addition to Ms Tamako Watanabe as a keynote speaker in the ICEBMR 2017, she will be coming to Sanata Dharma at November 18,  2017. She will be presnting her paper entatled “Transforming and Shaping Communities through Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship and Green Innovation”. For more detail about MS Tamako Watanabe, kindly see the ICEBMR website
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