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Gerakan Sadhar Lingkungan "Real Action Caring for the Gajah Wong River" : Clean our River, our Heal
October, 25 2016 09:17
Gerakan Sadhar Lingkungan "Real Action Caring for the Gajah Wong River" :  Clean our River, our Heal


     “Real Action Caring for the Gajah Wong River”, this was the theme which was carried by the Community Service Students Unit (UKM-PPM) and Research and Community Service Institution (LPPM) of Universitas Sanata Dharma (USD). The purpose was to create the real action of caring for the environment, especially in the Gajah Wong River at Puren Village, RT 02/RW 39, Pringwulung, Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman.

     The Gajah Wong River is one of the biggest rivers in Yogyakarta. Behind the beauty and splendor of Yogyakarta City, there are some neglected or less attractive places. One of them is the Gajah Wong River. The river used for irrigation is also the source of life for people living around the Gajah Wong River.We will get many benefits, if we can preserve and save the cleanliness of the Gajah Wong River. However, the function of the Gajah Wong River has changed to become a place for throwing garbage. The reason why people throw the garbage in the river is because the location of the river is close to the road and village.

     “Saving our environment is our responsibility, not only the villagers who are near the river but also we as students of USD who are living near the Gajah Wong River should have a responsibility to take care about the USD environment. Through this activity, we also asked our USD friends to look at the Gajah Wong River’s condition which is full of plastic garbage. Starting from a small action such as collecting the garbage from the Gajah Wong River to becoming the real action of the Community Service Students Unit to restore the real function as the river. Therefore, this activity can help people realize how important it is to throw the garbage in the right place and not to throw it in the river” said Valentina Prima Kusuma Ningrum, a student of Economic Education and the member of the Social Division of Community Service Students Unit, USD.

     Saturday, September 17, 2016 we started from 08.00 a.m., when the UKM-PPM and LPPM held the activity called “Gerakan Sadhar Lingkungan: “The real action caring for the Gajah Wong River”. This activity involved 70 students of UKM-PPM and the Environmental Agency (BLH) of the Sleman region.

     This Gerakan Sadhar Lingkungan was held as part of the 61st Anniversary of USD, like other events such as Sadhar Lingkungan Laskar Code and Aksi Peduli Gajah Wong. Those Action Events were proposed to increase the real action of the students for their society. Dr. Anton Haryono, M.Hum as the Head of LPPM USD and also as the companion of UKM-PPM, and all of the LPPM staff who accompanied this activity revealed their happiness to the UKM-PPM’s students who were really involved in this activity. Working together and with support from the Puren’s villagers who already permitted holding the cleaning Gajah Wong River activity was really precious for the USD family. “I am really happy looking at the SDU’s students who want to do the real action such as cleaning the Gajah Wong River. This activity can be one of the educational activities for us about how important it is to care about our environment, so that we can increase our responsibilities to our environment, especially in the USD Area,” said Anton Haryono in his remarks.
     Gerakan Sadhar Lingkungan, November 17, was the real action to clean inorganic garbage that was in the Gajah Wong River. Aksi Bersih Gajah Wong’s participants were divided into groups. Then, they walked starting from the USD to the Gajah Wong River which is located 500 meters from campus. They gathered and collected the plastic garbage from the river. The participants’ enthusiastic spirit was clearly seen, although they were in the center of garbage which had really bad smell. In the end of the activity, the Environmental Agency (BLH) of Sleman Region helped in taking the garbage to the landfill.

     Gerakan Sadhar Lingkungan: “The Real Action Caring for  the Gajah Wong River” in cooperation with LPPM and UKM-PPM USD in order to commemorate USD’s Anniversary, was expected to be a real step in making USD reach its potential in the society. (wkhd)
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