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Musical Poetry Contest for Senior High School and Vocational School in the Special Region of Yogyaka
May, 25 2016 09:56
Musical Poetry Contest for Senior High School and Vocational School in the Special Region of Yogyaka

In order to celebrate The 23rd Faculty of Literature Sanata Dharma University’s Anniversary which also celebrated Kartini’s Day and Chairil Anwar’s Day, the Student Board of Indonesian Letters’ Department organized musical poetry contest for senior high school and vocational students in the Special Region of Yogyakarta and Central Java. The musical poetry was held on Saturday, April 30th 2016 at LPPM building Campus II Sanata Dharma University. The event was attended by 44 students from 11 chosen schools in DIY and Central Java. They performed the poems by women poets which had been chosen by the committee. There were 3 judges who were famous actors and writers. They were Landung Simatupang, Herry Mardiyanto from Balai Bahasa Sanata Dharma University, and B. Rahmanto who was the lecturer of Indonesian Letters’ Department Sanata Dharma University.

The difference between this event and the previous event last year was the participants had to create the musical poetry. Besides, in the previous event, the participants only read the poems. The theme for this event was “Alunan Sastra Wangi”, The Melody of Sastra Wangi. It referred to the literature by women poets who wanted to fight for women’s rights as Kartini fought for.

Santa Maria Yogyakarta Senior High School came out as the first winner in this contest. The first runner up position was achieved by Taruna Nusantara Senior High School and for the second runner up position was reached by Regina Pacis Solo Senior High School. Next, the forth position was given for Kasihan Bantul Senior High School and for the fifth position was Stella Duce 2 Senior High School. Besides, the audience and the supporter had opportunity to win a book, Antologi Cerpen from the committee by uploading a unique photo from the event that completed by a fascinating caption to the social media. Photo that gained the highest number of Likes came out as the winner and got Antologi Cerpen.

In the exclusive interview, with Arnoldo Rico (student of English Language Education’s Department), participants from Santa Maria Senior High School told that their keys for the success in this event were optimism, prayer, and hard work. For the result, they were the winner of the contest. They created the musical poetry for Isma Sawitri’s poem entitled Kliping. It was so wistful and romantic. Santa Maria Senior High School team colored the contest’s atmosphere successfully into melancholy that was covered by melody of the simple music instruments made from bamboo which were created by themselves. (Rewritten and translated by IYP from “Lomba Musikalisasi Puisi SMA/SMK se-DIY dan Jateng”)

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