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National Seminar and Workshop: Algebra, Implementing, and Learning
October, 28 2016 07:25
National Seminar and Workshop: Algebra, Implementing, and Learning

Sanata Dharma University (SDU) was the host of the National Seminar and Workshop titled “The contribution of algebra, implementing, and learning in educating the nation”. This event is held every year starting from 1996 until this year on Friday, September 16-17 in the Driyarkara Auditorium SDU and cooperates with the Algebra Community, Mathematics Study Program of SDU, and Mathematics Education Study Program of SDU.

This event was attended by many people including Bachelor students, Master students, and lecturers from many cities in Indonesia. The keynote speakers were Dr. Asan Damanik (SDU), Dr. Aryadi Wijaya (UNY), Dr. Khurul Wardati (UIN Sunan Kalijaga), and Dr. Aleams Barra (ITB). Besides the seminar and workshop, in this event there was also displayed almost 70 articles which relate to algebra materials created by Bachelor students, Master students, and lecturers from other universities such as Pattimura University, Unika Wima Madiun, ITB, UNS, STMIK Atma Luhur Pangkalpinang, SDU, UGM, PGRI University Adibuana University, Malang State University, UIN Malang, Diponegoro university, UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, and Udayana University.

“All of the parties which are involved in this event have a commitment to develop mathematics, especially algebra and the learning process in Indonesia. In every seminar which is held by Algebra Community or Komunitas Pecinta Aljabar (KPA), there are two main topics discussed which are algebra and the teaching of algebra. Those two topics are one unity, said Dr, Intan Muchtadi in his remarks as the KPA Chairman. He added that through this event, the algebra enthusiasts have the same community who likes algebra. They will also gather and share the learning ways from many cities in Indonesia. (DML)


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