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I shudder
November, 03 2016 09:21
I shudder
Although the hard rain is going to fall to the earth ... a lot of sorrows ... a hurricane is breaking the waves ... for Patria ... a high wall seperates us ... the future is coming ... we will come back...

This was one of the lyrics’ parts which was sung in Soekarno’s Banyan Tree at the second campus, Sanata Dharma University, on Sunday evening, on October 1st, 2016, after the long drizzle that through flushed in Jogjakarta City. The song was sung by a group of mothers who gathered as a choir named “Dialita”. The members were those who had been in the 1965 tragedy and as victims who were the survivors. They are brave women who were stamped guilty without ever being fairly judged and thrown into prison, or who lost their parents, friends and relatives in tragedies. Their suffering was so profound, but they refused to continue wallowing in grief. They chose to stand asa group of independent human beings who always uphold the spirit of love of neighborhood and nation.

The quotation above was taken from a song titled “UJIAN” by Siti Jus Djubarlah. This song and 10 other songs such as “Taman Bunga Plantungan”, “Padi Untuk India”, dan “Salam Harapan” were sung by Dialita group in the concert in order to launch the Dialita’s album titled “Dunia Milik Kita”. This concert cooperated with some parties such as PUSDEMA (Pusat Kajian Demokrasi dan HAM) of SDU, Kedai Kebun Forum, IVAA, SUJ Stage and Rigging, InfoJogja, Yes No Wave Music, Bakudapan, Info Seni Jogja, Kongsi Jahat Syndicate, and Beranda Jogja.
Besides Dialita’s mothers, there were some of Yogyakarta’s famous artists such as Frau, Sisir Tanah, Nadya Hatta, Lintang Raditya, Prihatmoko Catur, and Kroncong Agawe Santosa who performed in the concert. About 300 audiences and some of them teenagers gathered at Soekarno’s Banyan Tree Garden and focused on the stage that was wonderfully arranged by Gufi C. “I shudder and got Goosebumps’” said one of the spectators to the friends after listening to the song that was performed by the Dialita mothers. Dialita has songs that are about their struggle and they can be downloaded for free from the Internet.
(rmb/foto: vissia ita)
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