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SDU's Guidance and Counselling Student Got a Golden Medal due to Mukidi
November, 03 2016 09:13

Nowadays, Mukidi is very famous in social media. Mukidi is a humour figure that makes his readers laugh at his fictive and absurd stories. In addition, this “Mukidi” makes the teenagers understand how important is the real meaning “MUKIDI”. Christian Ade Prasetia is the inventor of “MUKIDI” which educates the teenagers.

Christian Ade Prasetia did just get the gold medal in Guidance and Counselling National Olympics in the media and media poster subdivision. The Guidance and Counselling National Olympics was the national event that was held by the Guidance and Counselling Student Union (IMABKIN). This event was established in every IMABKIN Congress and since Malang State University (MSU) is the home place of IMABKIN Congress then MSU was the host of the Guidance and Counselling National Olympics 2016. This event was held on September 22, 2016 with the theme “Increasing Guidance and Counselling Competence in order to form the Counsellor’s Character.”

The Guidance and Counselling Study Program, Sanata Dharma University sent six students in three subdivisions, which included from the Guidance subdivision: Donald Ivantoro and Brigitta Shelly Zahara, and from the Counselling subdivision: Juliani Melani and Sifra Dita Novelina, and from the Media subdivision: Cristian Ade Prasetia and Carolus Boromeus Eko Indah Sasongko. The participants who joined this event were 220 students from many state and private universities in Indonesia.

What is Mukidi? Cristian Ade Prasetia concepted “MUKIDI” as the poster’s theme. “MUKIDI” is “Menolak Untuk Perkawinan Dini” or “Refusing of Early Marriage”; this theme was intended to ask the teenagers to refuse the early marriage. This concept is so important because the early marriage would inflict a development on teenagers that is not appropriate with their age. Instead, the teenagers were asked to develop their ability and manage their heart in a good way. The early marriage would produce frustration for the teenagers, and difficulties to socialize with the society, with difficulties to get a job. Also, their school would be disturbed.

The production of this medium got support from his thesis’s supervisor, Juster Donal Sinaga, M.Pd. and with his effort to concept the theme he could win the competition. From the assessment of the media competition, he was assessed by the juries through an elimination round. Moreover, in the elimination round there were chosen six finalists to do the presentation in front of the juries. Then, the juries choose the winner. In addition, the media competition had 39 students from 34 the state and private universities in Indonesia.

This was an awesome achievement in getting the Gold Medal from the Guidance and Counselling National Olympics 2016. “In the future events, we hope that the students can be more creative and keen toward the happening phenomena, so that we can contribute and implement the competency and our conscience in order to educate our teenagers.” said Christian Ade Prasetia. (cp)


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