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USD Sends 314 Students in the 43th Community Service Program
January, 17 2012 09:26
USD Sends 314 Students in the 43th Community Service Program

Sanata Dharma University officially sends 314 of its students to the 43th Community Service Program (KKN) through the send-off ceremony held in Realino Stage, Mrican Campus of Sanata Dharma University. At the event, Gregorius Punto Aji, S.Pd., M.Hum. as the head of the Center for Community Service Program (PKKN) mentioned the theme of this year's KKN to the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Dr.  C. Kuntoro Adi, S.J., M.A., M.Sc.

The theme of KKN this year is "Starting from Existing Means to Develop Together (Memulai dari Yang Ada untuk Maju Bersama)". The targeted communities for this KKN are communities directly affected by Merapi eruption in 2010. Therefore, the 314 students are sent to serve the communities in Cangkringan. The students will live there for 28 days to help the communities through the KKN programs they made after the early observation.

Fr. Kuntoro gave his remarks, stating that KKN is an excellent step in building cooperation among students from various departments to create programs for the society. Modernization made a majority of the students lacking in social knowledge. This KKN Program is expected to help USD students develop and fully actualize themselves in the society.
The send-off is marked with the freeing of balloons to the air by Fr. Kuntoro. The students left to the location using 6 buses, each bus heading to their KKN location. Hopefully the students can develop into sensitive people and give a meaningful contribution to the society. (translated and rewritten from the 'USD Melepas 314 Mahasiswa-Mahasiswi Humanis dalam KKN Reguler XLIII' article written by PT. translated by gia)

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