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Orientation of Darmasiswa 2017 Students at Sanata Dharma University
September, 13 2017 13:58
Orientation of Darmasiswa 2017 Students at Sanata Dharma University

Darmasiswa is a scholarship program offered by the Indonesian government to foreign students coming from countries which have diplomatic relations with Indonesia. Darmasiswa is a program of the Bureau of Foreign Cooperation Planning (BPKLN), Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. The goal of Darmasiswa itself is to introduce Indonesian language, art, and culture to young people from all over the world.  

Sanata Dharma University is one of the private universities that has cooperation with BPKLN, where Darmasiswa students learn Indonesia language and culture. The students will study at Sanata Dharma University Language Institute (LBUSD). In this year, there are 17 Darmasiswa students from Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine, America, and Vietnam.

After following the orientation held by BPKLN in Jakarta, Darmasiswa students were handed over to Sanata Dharma University, accompanied by staff of the Bureau of Cooperation and International Relations (BKHI), Mr. W. Sudrajat Ari N. After arriving in Yogyakarta, they were assisted by Peer Partners USD to look for a place to stay and do city tour. The following day Darmasiswa students attended the orientation held by LBUSD and BKHI.

The Darmasiswa learning program is divided into 15 meetings and started on September 4, 2017. Besides learning Bahasa Indonesia language, Darmasiswa students also learn how to play gamelan, cook nasi goreng, and make silver crafts. They will also be given an opportunity to visit traditional markets, Ullen Sentalu museum, and Arum Flower Tourist Village. (RMZ).


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