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International Students who Participated in Batik Drawing Competition
January, 30 2019 09:08
International Students who Participated in Batik Drawing Competition

On Monday (20/1), three international students of Sanata Dharma University participated in a batik drawing competition to celebrate the 69th Anniversary of Bakti Imigrasi at Pendopo Kridho Manunggal Budaya. They are Kis Diana from Hungary, Suchakree Suwannavech from Thailand, and both are students who received the Darmasiswa Scholarship. Also there is Gracia Godinho from Timor Leste who is studying at Electrical Engineering.

With 50 other international students, they sat in circles. The participants practiced their ideas of drawing batik on a 40cm2 white cloth with the Immigration Office’s logo. “I have never drawn batik before, but I am glad to participate in this competition,” Suchakree said in Indonesian. Seriousness was shown on his face while drawing using canting (a tool to draw batik) filled with malam (main ingredients to draw batik which is made of wax). Suchakree added colors to emphasize the left, right, top and bottom side of the Immigration logo. Meanwhile, Kis Diana added tendril patterns on the sides of the cloth. While scratching canting, Grace mentioned while smiling, “Drawing batik is difficult, the malam keeps dripping.” At the end of the competition, Suchakree was one of the winners.

The head of the regional office of Law and Human Rights of DIY, Krismono, Bc.IP., S.H., explained that the batik competition is to celebrate the Immigration Office’s Anniversary. “The purpose of this competition is to introduce batik to foreigners living in Yogyakarta,” mentioned Krismono when delivering the opening speech.


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