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Service Learning Program: “Interdisciplinary Understanding and Action for Health and Well-being at t
September, 07 2017 07:51
Service Learning Program: “Interdisciplinary Understanding and Action for Health and Well-being at t

The Service Learning Program (SLP) is one of the programs of the AJCU-AP (Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in Asia Pacific) held annually. This program aims to provide a place for students in Jesuit universities to serve and apply the values of Ignatian pedagogy in everyday life. The university members of SLP are Sophia University (Japan), Sogang University (South Korea), Ateneo de Manila (Philippines), Ateneo de Cagayan (Philippines), Ateneo de Naga (Philippines), Ateneo de Zamboanga (Philippines), Ateneo de Zamboanga (Philippines), and Sanata Dharma University (Indonesia). This year, SLP was held at Ateneo de Manila, Philippines from the 29th July to the 16th August 2017. The theme was "Interdisciplinary Understanding and Action for Health and Well-being at the Peripheries”.

In preparation for SLP especially at Sanata Dharma University, SLP was divided into 3 parts: namely Pre-SLP, SLP, and Post-SLP. The Pre-SLP was conducted to prepare the delegates before leaving for Manila. Sanata Dharma University itself held Pre-SLP for 2 days at Wisma OMI. There, the USD delegates discussed the theme of health and adapted it to the current situation in Indonesia. They also prepared a University Presentation and Cultural Performance. The USD delegates were Laurensia Aniella Hosea (Psychology 2014), Elisabeth Ines Rosario (Accounting 2014), Amelia Rosary Dewi (English Letters 2014), Sharonita Lahai (English Letters 2014), Joshua Yuka Govanda (English Letters 2014), and Ridhoel Marthin Zai (English Language Education 2014). The delegates were accompanied by Ms. Putu Dyana Christasani, M.Sc., Apt. who is a lecturer of Pharmacy.

As a host, Ateneo de Manila prepared this year's SLP event very well and matched its theme of health and well-being. The delegates were also welcomed by the President of Ateneo de Manila Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin, S.J., In the first week, all delegates visited Intramuros, Home for Aged, and Children Hospital. The delegates also presented their universities and talked about health issues in their countries. In the second week, the delegates were divided into 3 groups and performed immersion for 5 days. Once the immersion was over, the delegates followed a 3-day retreat to reflect on what they had achieved during the immersion.

At the end of the program, the delegates presented the cultures of their countries. The delegates from Sanata Dharma University featured 2 dances, namely Manuk Dadali and Yamko Rambe Yamko. As a tenth batch of SLP, 26 delegates from different countries and universities were excited about participating in this year's SLP, and hopefully in Post-SLP the delegates can apply what they already have learned to the community.

In addition, the next SLP will be held in Japan with a different theme. We invite all friends to participate in this program and become the next delegate in SLP 2018.


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