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Ode Bulan Agustus #3: PSM Parade in USD Auditorium
September, 05 2017 15:28
Ode Bulan Agustus #3: PSM Parade in USD Auditorium

Saturday (26/08) Student Choir Parade (PSM) entitled "Ode Bulan August #3" was held at Driyarkara Auditorium of Sanata Dharma University (USD). The event was organized by Bentara Budaya in celebration of 72 years of Indonesia Independence and 54 years of Kompas Gramedia. Ode Bulan August #3 are held in four cities, Bali, Solo, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta.

Ode Bulan August # 3 Yogyakarta enlivened by 8 campuses namely PSM Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), PSM Cantus Firmus University Sanata Dharma (USD), PSM University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta (UAJY), PSM Gita Swara Dewantara Universitas Sarjana Wiyata Tamansiswa (UST), PSM Narawangi Dasandriya University of Technology Yogyakarta (UTY), PSM Miracle Voices Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), PSM Duta Voice Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW), and PSM Vocalista Paradiso Universitas Pembangunan Nasional (UPN). The parade was also enlivened by guest stars from UKM Karawitan USD, UKM Grisadha USD, and The Disonance, USD vocal group which gave a spectacular performance.

The event was opened with speech from Bentara Budaya Program Director, Mr. Frans Sartono "independence with singing, this event is not a race but no singing, here it contains a very diverse wealth”, he said. Next, Rector of USD, Drs. Johanes Eka Priyatma, M.Sc., Ph.D. also gave the speech. He invited the audience to strengthen the identity of Indonesia by sharing and learning each other because we are a great nation that is Indonesia.

To show love towards the country by singing Indonesia Raya which was delivered by a combination of Ode participant in August # 3 and followed by all audience who attended at the Audyorium Driyarkara USD. The event was attended by ± 1,000 audience from various parts of Yogyakarta. More interestingly this event was also attended by students from Saint Paul University of the Philippines.

Each participant of parade PSM Ode August #3 perform 3 Indonesian-themed songs. The first performers were from PSM UGM, followed by PSM Gita Swara Dewantara UST, PSM Miracle Voices UII, PSM Narawangi Dasandriya UTY, dance performance from UKM Grisadha who performed "Yuarni Emprit" dance. The fifth performer is PSM Duta Voice UKDW, followed by PSM Vocalista Paradiso UPN, PSM Cantus Firmus USD, and closed appearance of PSM UAJY. All Ode August #3 participant give their best performances as a form of gratitude to be part of Indonesian students who play an active role to build the unity in diversity of Indonesia.

After all the choirs performed, the USD vocal group "The Disonance" performed 3 songs that were packed really nicely. In Ode Choir Parade in August #3 PSM, audience selected their favorite PSM, which is PSM UAJY. Not only that, Bentara Budaya gave appreciation to all Ode participants in August #3 Yogyakarta, by giving awards to the audience and also Sanata Dharama University Yogyakarta which is pleased to host Ode August #3. Ode in August #3 Yogyakarta is ended with performance from The Disonance collaboration with PSM and SME Karawitan USD with Maju Tak Gentar and Halo-Halo Bandung. (RN)



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