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International Program
GLP (Global Leadership Program)

What is GLP (Global Leadership Program)?
Global Leadership Program (GLP) is an annual AJCU (Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities) program where students from five Jesuit universities have an opportunity to discuss current issues happening in their home countries. The five universities are Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan), Sogang University (South Korea), Sophia University (Japan), Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines) and Sanata Dharma University (Indonesia).

GLP has three main activities; there are: University presentations, Fieldworks, and Cultural Performance. University presentations are the time when each university introduces their university and explains their country report (related to the main issue). Fieldworks are activities such as visiting some places that are related with the main issue, reflection, group discussion, etc. Last, Cultural Night is an opportunity for each university to introduce their culture to other participants. Each country usually performs something that will showcase the uniqueness of their home country.

Why I should join this program?
GLP is a challenging program that gives a priceless experience for youth and prepares them to become a future leader who has an Ignatian spirit/character. Beside, this program is an opportunity for going abroad and visiting new interesting places, learning about other countries cultures, making new friends from other countries, and many more fun activities.

When and where this program will be held?
GLP 2018 will be held on August 12-18, 2018 in Sogang University, Korea. The theme is "Who is My Neighbor? Migrants, Nation and Culture".

Who can join this this program?
Active student of Sanata Dharma University in the sixth up to eighth semester, have good English proficiency, has passport, in excellent health (proven by official letter from relevant health institution), willing to work actively in a group, responsible for transportation (domestic and international) and visa fee, submit the list of tuition payment, and follow the whole GLP processes. 

How to apply GLP

  • Get the Application Form from this website.
  • Submit the Application Form to the International Office according to the schedule. Also, submit a financial guarantee statement, a photocopy of PPKMB certificate, an official health letter, transcript from semester 1 up to now, and a list of tuition payment (can be downloaded in SIA).
  • Follow all the selection processes.

 How was GLP 2017?

As a part of post-GLP activity, the GLP delegates make a magazine called ACT (Action, Change, and Truth) every year. You can read the magazine here.


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