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SDU Student Council's Seminar: Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the
May, 25 2016 09:45
SDU Student Council

Talking about education, there will not be an end. Like the words above, Nelson Mandela stated confidently that education was the most powerful weapon for us to change the world. According to the Mandela’s statement, the Education Ministry of SDU student council proudly presented an Education Seminar. The seminar was held on April 30th 2016 on Koendjono Room, Central Building Campus IISDU Mrican. Through this seminar, the Education Ministry of SDU student council hoped that it could be a sharing and discussion place for Sanata Dharma University’s teacher candidates.

The theme for this Education Seminar was “Reimagine Teaching”, which was attended by Miss Indonesia 2008 for the education field, Amanda Putri Witdarmono, B.S., M.Ed. She attended as a speaker for the Education Seminar. Amanda Putri Witdarmono talked about the education in Indonesia. She was a founder of We the Teachers, a research institution aimed to encourage the development of Indonesian teachers. Besides, she told her experiences about education at home and abroad. She also told about her experiences as a teacher.

Looking at the education in the past and in the present, they are so different. Therefore, the teaching methods are also different. Amanda Putri said, “The nation’s quality is depended on the human resources’ quality.” Reimagine Teaching was an invitation for teacher candidates to be teachers who understood about the best way for their future students. That vision would be realized by the mindset changing that nowadays becomes a big challenge. When Amanda Putri taught, she applied fun and simple principles, so teaching was not boring and was memorable. However, teaching was not only about reading books and memorizing words without understanding the words’ meaning.

By the seminar, Amanda hoped that young teacher candidates could “humanize humans”. Teachers would not only teach, but also educate students. So, with the proper education, what became Indonesia’s dreams could be reached. Therefore, Indonesia’s young generation could change the world. (Rewritten and translated by IYP from “Seminar BEM USD: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”)

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